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Badass Beautiful started off as a private-label make-up line that I tried to launch while in business school. It failed because of a myriad of complications. But, the aspiration to connect with badass beautiful beings has never left me.

That business venture was not my only failure. I've had four failed marriages, I've failed myself, my kids, and my future in a variety of impressive ways. And I've learned and grown from all of it.

With every failure, I rose stronger, wiser, and kinder. I hope sharing my story helps spark the healing and courage your heart might crave, or offers a like-minded community of badasses.

My education, background, and experience have been focused in science for 20 years. I fell in love with neuroscience and psychology while an undergraduate at Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio.

I worked at Case Western Reserve University for two years before starting the PhD Neuroscience and Behavior program in Psychology at the University of Georgia in 2002.

When I unexpectedly got pregnant and gave birth to my first born son, I changed my career focus and left graduate school with a MSc. I worked for UGA for several  years before moving to Atlanta for a research position at Emory University in 2007.

I've been at Emory University ever since, working in Pharmacology on epilepsy for 8 years, and in Microbiology & Immunology on influenza and vaccine development for the past 5 years.

While working full time, I went back to graduate school and got my MBA from Mercer University. I currently work as the Associate Director, Research Projects with a group of researchers in the School of Medicine.

I feel like I've been a student my entire life, having never left an academic environment since pre-K. I've been lucky to learn and work alongside some brilliant people. I've also been fortunate to be surrounded by both young aspiring minds, as well as senior established leaders.

Though my professional life has been steadfast in science, my heart has always been called to write. Music was equally meaningful to my personal life, so I spent a few years writing music reviews and feature stories for local or online music publications.

I started a small local production company called The Moon and Pluto and curated three summer music and arts festivals, called Strange Daze, along with booking  shows to spotlight local Atlanta talent.

Other fun facts:

I sponsored a book signing and all-day workshop in Atlanta for the author who's book changed my life. His name is Gary Renard and his book, The Disappearance of the Universe, has been the most mind-blowing, eye-opening book I've ever read.

I took Latin ballroom dancing lessons in 2015, then entered a dance competition in North Carolina, and danced to a song my boyfriend and dance instructor helped mix just for me (a medley of Rhianna and Taylor Swift, don't hate.)

I was among the main organizers of the March For Science Atlanta, serving as the Chair of Public Relations in 2017. Approximately 10,000 people showed up to the march and rally, and we helped raised thousands of dollars for the effort. I was even interviewed on NPR's Atlanta radio station, WABE and quoted in the New York Times about why I was marching.

I am a mom to two incredible, eccentric boys. One has autism and one has Asperger's. Both teach me more about who I want to be every day and make each day beyond entertaining.

This multifaceted life has not spared me from struggles and triumphs. I am here to tell you, there is nothing you can't do and you will get through it, whatever it is.

Love and Hugs,